"This letter is to serve as my personal recommendation for Craig Youngquist. I want to thank Craig for being such a great contractor on the Neil Bay project on San Juan Island. Over the years we have had ample opportunity to work with many contractors in many locations, and Craig definitely rises to the top of the list. What Craig brought to the project was truly tremendous. His hands-on approach, excellent craftsmanship, and terrific communication abilities made the project flow very smoothly and provided very good value to the client. Craig was able to efficiently and creatively resolve whatever difficult challenges that were presented to him. I am glad he was recommended to us and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else."

Geoff Prentiss - Prentiss Architects.


"It is certainly my great pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend Mr. Craig Youngquist. I have been involved in many projects with Mr. Youngquist and consider him to be the finest builder that I have worked with in my thirty years of designing and building homes. His attention to detail, work ethic and skill combined with his enthusiasm and wonderful personality makes working with him a joy. Please feel free to contact me at my office to discuss Mr. Youngquist's many attributes."

Michael Tranfo - Michael Tranfo Architects, LLC


"Claudine and I wish to express our deep gratitude for your efforts over the last 18 months in the planning and construction of our home. We couldn't be happier with the quality of the construction and your execution of the plans. Having built out two offices and completely remodeled a home in the last ten years, we consider ourselves educated consumers in home renovation and construction, and we both believe that this potentially difficult experience of building a home 'from afar' could not have been more enjoyable or gone more smoothly.

Your interactions and relationship with our architect, Geoff Pretiss were invaluable. We know that involving a third party can make a complex, time limited project a nightmare. Your coordination of multiple input sources was handled with extraordinary skill, timely communication, flexibility and diplomacy. Despite the fact that we visited the site only a few times over the duration, we felt very involved in the project throughout, and your management of the limited time schedule, and budget was nothing short of amazing. When we did visit the site, we found it to be well organized and close to immaculate. Your selection and management of subcontractors was excellent. We both agree that without exception, all involved in the project were excellent craftspeople, responsive, and conscientious.

Your extraordinary level of preparation, detailed planning, and resourcesfulness resulted in the completion of the home on-time and on-budget. Throughout the duration of the project, we were never blindsided by additional costs. Given the fact that there was nothing 'simple' about the plans, the quality and detail of the craftsmanship is incredible. No surprises, no shortcuts. There really is no better testament than that.

We feel fortunate that we engaged you for the construction of our home. Given our previous experiences, we do not believe that we could have achieved the same outstanding result with any other builder, on the island or otherwise. Without question this has been the best construction experience we could imagine. We both believe that you truly went above and beyond all expectations. I'm sure that our satisfaction is not unique among your previous clients, but it is clearly a reflection of your obviously high personal standards and commitment to uncommonly high quality.

Again, thank you for your efforts. With warmest regards,

Kean and Claudine Lawlor


"I have been providing architectural services in Southeast Alaska for nearly eighteen years, and have known Craig Youngquist for much of that time. His skills as a contractor and woodworker are well know and admired by design professionals and tradesmen alike.

Craig’s reputation has continually grown with the completion of many successful projects; many were challenging, complex buildings. When a good friend asked me to design a small, intricate home in the character of classic Japanese design, I knew Craig would be the best contractor for the project. This building was to incorporate a level of craftsmanship and quality of materials not at all common to Southeast Alaska.

Craig met every challenge and produced an exquisite dwelling that showcases his mastery of woodworking, and most importantly, he added a charm and patience to the building process that resulted in a rare and wonderful experience for everyone involved."

Jeff Robertson – J. L. Robertson & Associates


"My house at 15255 Point Louisa Road in Juneau, Alaska was constructed by Craig Youngquist Construction. It remains a showpiece house in a town of 31,000, with many custom features that distinguish it from other oceanfront houses in the area. Using local old-growth cedar wood, Craig’s workmanship was superb, creating a warmth and softness that compliments the beauty and serenity of the surroundings.

After more than 6 years, the house remains tight and trouble-free, due to the exceptional care and diligence Craig exercised during every phase of the building process. Stairway connections, crawlspace interface, window and door openings, overhanging roof eaves, hardwood floor and tile work, post and beam joinery, extensive decking- all serve to make this house extremely functional, as well as an aesthetic treasure.

In spite of its 1250 square foot size, no effort was spared to make this house project one of the most significant structures in Alaska."

Joel Bennett.


"I am writing to share our experience working with Craig Youngquist as the contractor and builder of our home on San Juan Island. Craig brought many skills and attributes to our project that we particularly valued, not the least of which were trust, quality of work and craftsmanship. Primarily, Craig earned our trust by the way he approached the initial estimation of cost and the way he managed expenditure of funds with complete transparency throughout the project. With respect to quality, Craig maintained close personal involvement with every aspect of the project to assure that each phase was accomplished as required per the specifications and that our personal requirements were addressed as well. Finally, Craig was on the job every day and personally worked on many of the elements in which he demonstrated attention to “important” detail and a level of craftsmanship that exceeded our expectations.

We feel fortunate to have had Craig Youngquist Construction build our home, and are confident that any client who undertakes a construction project with Craig will enjoy a similar experience."

Mike and Jean Griffin.


"Quality, Integrity, Craftsmanship… Some fifteen years ago we built our home on San Juan Island. An architectural/construction firm from Bainbridge Island designed and built our home. Three years ago we decided to expand our home with the addition of a studio, bath, and utility room. To maintain the integrity of the design, we decided to return to the same design firm. While inquiring to find a framing subcontractor, Craig Youngquist Construction was recommended to us. Upon references and interview by the Bainbridge Island company, it was determined that Craig was the perfect fit. Ultimately the company suggested hiring Craig to completely manage the project. Craig complied with all the specifications called out in the plans to the minor details. The results was a satisfied client. The project was completed on time, with some cost savings and no cost overruns, unless approved by us. We found Craig to have intuitive talent and the ability to be innovative with solving construction and finish issues. We received the quality we expected and found the experience very gratifying.

Since then, we have called on Craig Youngquist Construction regarding other small projects around the home and he has been very accommodating. This has been a pleasing benefit to us. If there were a rating system for General Contractors, Craig Youngquist would get the highest overall rating. I am honored to recommend Craig Youngquist Construction to future clients."

Robert Callegari.

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