Hanbury Point House

An extensive remodel and additions to an outdated cabin create this 4 bedroom, 4 bath contemporary house. Located on a bluff with water views to the north, south and west, the project fully utilizes the site with wrap around decks/patios, a sunken bluestone fire-pit, and path access to a boat ramp in a small cove.

20120622_0004.jpg 20120622_0009.jpg 20120622_0036.jpg 20120622_0046.jpg 20120622_0057.jpg 20120622_0066.jpg 20120622_0084.jpg 20120622_0087.jpg 20120622_0092.jpg 20120622_0107.jpg 20120622_0113.jpg 20120622_0149.jpg 20120622_0203.jpg 20120622_0210.jpg 20120622_0231.jpg 20120622_0244.jpg 20120622_0247.jpg 20120622_0307.jpg 20120622_0325.jpg 20120622_0370.jpg

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